GUAMOTE ¡Authentic!

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Ecuador and the whole world have each day, more reasons to know Guamote

¡Guamote…! is located on the Volcanoes Avenue, among landscapes, mountains and the authenticity of the daily life of the rural communities.   

It is conformed by two rural parishes Cebadas and Palmira, it has an approximately population of 40.000 habitants, 90% indigenous and 10% half-blooded.  The population is distributed in 156 communities and indigenous organizations.  The altitude goes from 2600 to 4500m.a.s.l.

Its main attractive is the most authentic Ecuador fair.

Guamote has colonial and republican constructions with attractive facades and balconies, with walls of “tapial”, reed and wood, that conform the Canton’s historical center around the railway station, attractive that catches the visitors´ eye.

Cebadas. Is the gate to Sangay National Park and to Atillo Lacustrine complex that offers outdoors touristic adventures, at 18km from the Cantonal head.


Palmira. A pictorial town, at 19Km from the south of Guamote, you can visit the Sanctuary “Señor de las Misericordias” and the sand dunes of the “closest to the sun” Desert, it is the starting point of the Incas´ Road toward Ingapirca located in Cañar.